Dairy UK's commitment to tackling the environmental challenges of food production is strong and our members' achievements in terms of sustainability show compelling evidence of that commitment.

anywhere 23 smallAny type of food production comes at a cost, but dairy farmers and processors have taken huge strides in mitigating their environmental impact and looking after the planet's resources. Dairy UK has ambitious targets and our members have the drive to meet and even surpass them.

Dairy UK has established a number of initiatives and schemes to ensure dairy companies can improve their environmental performance from farm to fork.

The Environmental Benchmarking tool helps members monitor and improve their performance and allows users to benchmark their performance with complete anonymity from others in the industry. The dairy sector was one of the first sectors to introduce this on a sector wide scale and the tool has been used as a best practice example in other sectors and by the Environment Agency.

Through the Dairy Roadmap, a leading supply chain initiative representing the UK dairy industry's commitment to reduce its environmental footprint, Dairy UK and its partners define targets and produce regular reports on industry progress on environmental matters.

The 2018 report celebrates milestones achieved over the past decade including; a 24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with milk production; a 24% improvement in water efficiency; an 18% improvement in energy efficiency; 85% of HDPE milk containers now recycled; and a decrease in the proportion of waste sent to landfill from 35% to only 4%.

UK dairy processors also pledged to enhance biodiversity on processing sites, marking a significant step in their efforts to ensure the sustainability of the dairy supply chain.

In 2016, Dairy UK joined forces with WRAP to reduce the environmental impact of food and drink production in the UK and signed up to an ambitious ten-year voluntary agreement, the Courtauld Commitment 2025.

Dairy UK is working closely with the Environment Agency, DECC, WRAP and other stakeholders to ensure the dairy industry meets and surpasses environmental targets.

Hot topics in environment and sustainability include the Courtauld Commitment, the Dairy Roadmap, the Dairy Sustainability Framework, the National Emissions Ceiling Directive, biodiversity and the Climate Change Agreements.

The Sustainability and Environment Committee is managed by Henry Clifford, Environment Manager.
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