Dairy policies shape the environment dairy companies operate in and Dairy UK works around the clock to make sure it is an environment which facilitates growth and development in the industry and reduces the burden of regulation.

anywhere 22 webThe last two years have been extremely difficult for farmers and processors alike. The underlying issue, a global oversupply in milk production isn't just a UK one, but has resulted in low farmer and processor returns worldwide. Our industry is not immune to global market conditions with factors such as the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the ongoing Russian ban on importing products.

The recent referendum on EU membership has caused considerable uncertainty and challenge. Nevertheless, the UK dairy industry is adaptable, resilient and determined, with the skills and innovation to rise to the many challenges it encounters. Dairy UK will continue to liaise with the UK Government, devolved administrations and all relevant organisations to promote the interests of the UK dairy sector and help to steer our industry in the right direction.

Issues stemming for the EU referendum include trade relationships both with the EU and non-EU countries, industry competitiveness with access to a skilled workforce and fair food & drink legislation on par with other countries.

At UK level, Dairy UK works closely with Defra and a large number of other Government departments and agencies. With volatility now an inherent part of the market, the dairy industry must focus on being more competitive and finding the right tools to manage the impact of volatility.

Being competitive also means stepping up to the plate and playing an essential role in the world market. In 2016, Dairy UK launched an export strategy which identifies a raft of actions and recommendations that will enhance the UK dairy industry's export performance.

Hot topics in dairy policies and economics include the review of the Groceries Code Adjudicator, Brexit and its impact on the dairy industry, dairy exports, competitiveness, market-led strategies, futures market and managing the impact of volatility.

The Policy & Economics Committee and the Dairy UK Exporters' Group are managed by Peter Dawson, Policy & Sustainability Director.
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