The dairy industry is committed to delivering safe and wholesome milk and dairy products to consumers in the UK and abroad. Dairy companies make every effort to ensure that the dairy products they offer are of the highest quality.

dairy production smallIn order to support dairy companies achieve excellence in terms of supply chain integrity, Dairy UK has set up several schemes and initiatives including the Due Diligence Scheme, through which stringent tests are conducted on milk and dairy products in accredited laboratories.

Thanks to a short and efficient supply chain, the potential for fraud or contamination in the dairy industry is extremely low. However, dairy companies are not complacent and want to prevent potential risks. Food safety and quality are paramount and our members strive to be ahead of the game with exemplary traceability and stringent testing measures.

Dairy UK also led the way by launching a Risk Register of potential food frauds as well as steering several codes of best practice on food safety and hygiene and compositional standards for dairy products.

Thanks to its involvement in the European Dairy Association and the International Dairy Federation, Dairy UK feeds into debates at the highest level, including the Codex Alimentarius and the World Health Organisation.

Food quality and animal welfare go hand in hand, and consumers rightly demand that their food is produced to high standards. Dairy cows and farm animals in the UK enjoy some of the highest welfare standards in the world.

In addition to its membership to the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA), Dairy UK administers the Action Johne's Initiative.

Hot topics in supply chain integrity include origin labelling, Codex standards, compositional standards, microbiological hygiene, food contaminants, Johne's disease, antibiotics and animal health.

The Labelling & Composition Committee and the Scientific & Technical Committee are managed by Luisa Candido, Technical & Nutrition Manager.
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The Action Johne's Initiative and the Antibiotics Working Group is managed by Peter Dawson, Policy & Sustainability Director.
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