Dairy makes a difference

Dairy has so much to be proud of. There is a need for the contribution of dairy products and the industry itself to be recognised and valued more widely.

The British public’s love for dairy products and their significant nutritional benefits remain as strong as ever and there is growing demand for dairy around the world.

Government and decision-makers at all levels are assailed by those pursuing an anti-dairy agenda. It is up to us to remind politicians, civil servants, health professionals and the public that dairy makes a difference in a very positive way.

It is essential for the industry to stand up for itself and work in a constructive and collaborative manner. It’s never been more important to do that.

  • Dairy makes a difference by providing the public with a wide range of nutritious foods including milk, cheese and yogurt.
  • Dairy makes a difference as a major industry employing around 80,000 thousand people with many thousands more involved with dairy farming.
  • Dairy makes a difference as an environmentally responsible industry which is committed to sustainability.

The promotion and defence of dairy is at the heart of our organisation’s activities and we intend to work vigorously to extol the virtues of a great British industry which makes great British products.

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