Dairy UK Announces New Biodiversity Commitment for Processors

British dairy processors have pledged to enhance biodiversity on processing sites, marking a significant step in their efforts to ensure the sustainability of the dairy supply chain.

Biodiversity is a significant issue for all manufacturing industries and the Dairy Roadmap, a collaborative mechanism to address environmental issues in the sector, offers a framework to drive sustainability across the length of the dairy supply chain.

Although the potential to enhance biodiversity is most likely to occur at farm level, the Dairy Roadmap recognises that processors can play a significant part in biodiversity through the management of their sites. Dairy UK has developed a biodiversity commitment for processors, which includes:

  • Developing and implementing appropriate measures on site to enhance biodiversity, such as allowing natural regeneration, nestling facilities for birds, removing invasive plant species and planting native plant species;
  • Engaging in biodiversity projects in the local community, working with local conservation groups or schools;
  • Recognising the activities on site that may have an indirect impact on biodiversity and therefore it is important to moderate these impacts where possible.

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: "The dairy processing industry recognises the importance of preserving the natural environment and is dedicated to taking steps towards enhancing biodiversity in its own way.

"There is no end point when it comes to sustainability. It is important to reflect on our achievements so far and to become more environmentally sustainable through best practices and new commitments."

The full Biodiversity Commitment is available here.

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