Dairy UK Welcomes European Parliament Vote on EU School Milk Scheme

Dairy UK has welcomed the European Parliament's decision to put milk at the heart of the EU strategy to improve heathy eating through a better-funded school milk scheme.

Members of the European Parliament approved today the merging of the separate school milk and fruit schemes to boost the combined annual budget by €20 million to €250 million a year. Member states will now be able to sign up for this voluntary aid scheme, ensuring that that milk plays a key role in the promotion of a healthy diet.

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: "The European Parliament has quite rightly put milk at the core of the EU's health agenda to improve childhood nutrition and teach school children about the importance of healthy eating.

"Dairy UK has been working tirelessly with representatives of European institutions to promote the tremendously healthy and nutritious qualities of dairy products and therefore we are delighted that MEPs have taken our messages on board.

"At present, children across Europe run the risk of missing out on key nutrients which are readily available through milk and dairy foods. By ensuring that access to milk and dairy is increased for school children, the European Parliament is taking the right steps to promote milk consumption in primary schools and ensuring that nutrition plays a fundamental role in long-term health and development.

"Milk and dairy foods play a key part in teaching children about the merits of a balanced diet. This is extremely good news for children, parents and schools."

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