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The Dairy Roadmap 2018

on Monday, 21 May 2018. Posted in Reports & Publications

The Dairy Roadmap 2018 Page 01 The Dairy Roadmap 2018 - Showcasing 10 Years of Environmental Commitment 

This, the 10th anniversary report highlights the vast strides that have been taken both on farms and in dairies since the Dairy Roadmap was founded. Together, the British dairy sector has reported a marked improvement in its environmental footprint, not only reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, waste, and other pollutants but also improving the efficiency at which it consumes water,energy, and other resources. 

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The White Paper 2017

on Tuesday, 24 October 2017. Posted in Reports & Publications

THE-WHITE-PAPER-2017-CoverDairy UK sets out 'game changing' hopes and fears over Brexit, and provides an insight into the UK dairy industry.

Dairy UK have compiled The White Paper report for 2017 which details the 'game changing' opportunities and challenges which the industry is facing over issues such as Brexit and consumer confidence in dairy foods.

Dairy UK have called Brexit the most defining issue the industry has faced for generations, with The White Paper 2017 identifying what Brexit needs to deliver to safeguard the future interests of an industry that employs more than 70,000 people, and has an overall turnover of nearly £28 billion.

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Dairy UK Annual Report 2016

on Sunday, 15 January 2017. Posted in Reports & Publications

annualreportAgainst a challenging backdrop in 2016, Dairy UK focused on increasing the industry's visibility and making its voice heard with politicians and key stakeholders. Throughout the year, we showed how dairy makes a difference to all aspects of life.

This report details how Dairy UK has dealt with the myriad of issues encountered by the industry throughout an extraordinary year by any standards. We firmly believe our industry has a strong and vibrant future. Success may not be easily achieved or secured for all at any one time but the ethos of working diligently on behalf of the dairy industry is something to which we are wholly committed and hold dear.

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Brexit & the Future of Dairy Exports

on Thursday, 17 November 2016. Posted in Reports & Publications

coverbrexitexportsThe UK dairy sector is an outstanding industry which has been steadily growing its exports of world-class products, supporting much needed rural jobs and employing people with the expertise, ambition and determination to succeed.

Yet the last six months have brought some of the most unexpected and singular challenges we have had to face. As the market began a slow but steady recovery, the Brexit referendum forced us to take a step back, analyse our strengths and weaknesses, and try to anticipate what might come next. With so much yet to be negotiated and agreed,it is essential that the dairy industry should make its priorities very clear and maintain a close and constructive dialogue with Government and Parliament throughout the negotiation process.

If we are to remain internationally competitive and successfully exploit the dairy trade opportunities we have at home and abroad. This document outlines where we are, where we want to be and what we need from Government and Parliament to fulfil our potential.

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Exporting Dairy to the World

on Thursday, 31 March 2016. Posted in Reports & Publications

cover exprotsDairy UK published an export strategy to help the dairy industry unlock a 'new world of opportunity' on international markets.

The strategy, entitled United Kingdom: Exporting Dairy to the World, identifies a raft of actions and recommendations that will enhance the UK dairy industry's export performance.

The actions and recommendations include improving the export certification regime; creating a one-stop shop for dairy exporters; establishing world-class inspection and audit practices, and removing barriers to dairy trade.

Other dairy exporting countries have followed successful paths and set interesting examples in terms of industry-government cooperation to foster growth and develop exports. The UK industry can learn from these experiences and ensure that the UK has efficient and cost-effective systems that support export growth while preserving consumer confidence in the safety and quality of UK dairy products.

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Dairy APPG | Putting Dairy Back on the Daily Menu

on Wednesday, 09 March 2016. Posted in Reports & Publications

cover appg reportTime to put dairy back on the daily menu.

The dairy industry has long played an important role in helping to feed the people of the UK and it is disheartening to hear negative or misleading messages about the benefits of milk and dairy products. Therefore, the Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group conducted an enquiry on the role of dairy in the public health debate to support the future of the UK dairy industry by highlighting the unique contribution of dairy to public health.

The Dairy APPG recommended that Parliament and Government support industry efforts to promote British milk and dairy products across the country and that the nutritional value of dairy products to the UK diet should be recognised by the Department of Health.

A key ask is the implementation of a 3-a-day programme for milk and dairy products to encourage the consumption of dairy products as part of a healthy and balanced diet and to educate consumers of the benefits of dairy.

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Dairy Roadmap 2015

on Monday, 14 December 2015. Posted in Reports & Publications

 cover roadmapA unique approach to sustainability throughout the dairy supply chain.

The Dairy Roadmap demonstrates that action is being taken and changes are being made in order to protect the environment whilst still moving the industry forwards. This work fits in line with the advice from government and illustrates a hardworking, innovative and responsible industry.

The Dairy Roadmap unites Britain's dairy industry including farmers, dairy manufacturers, retailers, government and industry partners. Together, the supply chain defines targets and produces regular reports on progress that the industry is making on environmental matters.

With each report since 2008, the ambition and reach of the industry has grown and this is reflected in the way the Roadmap has developed.

There is no end point, no finish line on environmental sustainability and we will continue to challenge ourselves to keep progressing in this area.

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Manifesto for the UK Dairy Industry

on Tuesday, 24 March 2015. Posted in Reports & Publications

cover manifestoDairy UK has launched its Manifesto for the British dairy industry, setting out what the industry expects of the main political parties as they prepare to fight the forthcoming general election in May.

The Manifesto aims to provide the next government with a blueprint for tackling the major challenges in the dairy sector.

To ensure a sustainable and competitive future for the dairy industry, the Manifesto highlights that the industry needs the Government's support to promote British milk and dairy as nutrient-rich foods in a haealthy and balanced diet; maintain a safe and secure dairy supply chain in the UK; guarantee an environment which facilitates growth and development in the industry.

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Dairy APPG | The Sustainable Competitiveness of the Dairy Industry

on Wednesday, 18 March 2015. Posted in Reports & Publications

cover appg sustainabilityFostering growth and profitability in the dairy industry in a sustainable way.

With difficult times arising in the global dairy market in the summer of 2014, the Dairy APPG launched a thorough enquiry on how to support and ensure the sustainable competitiveness of the industry. The scope of the enquiry was kept deliberately wide in order to obtain as much information as possible on current and future prospects for the industry.

The enquiry tried to analyse most key areas of the industry including dairy economics, trade and regulations, environmental initiatives, farming and processing issues, public health and nutrition challenges, all underpinned by the need for a skilled workforce. This report aims to identify current achievements, priorities and issues in the industry and provide recommendations on how to ensure a sustainable and competitive future for British dairy.

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Leading the Way

on Wednesday, 16 April 2014. Posted in Reports & Publications

 cover leadingThe British Dairy Industry Sustainable Growth Plan.

This plan is a shared aspiration for the future development of the British dairy industry. Companies, organisations and individuals who sign up to this plan endorse this aspiration and will work to make it happen.

The plan is designed to encourage a growing and vibrant industry, which is valued by society and enables people, the environment and business to thrive.

This plan is based on the three pillars of sustainability; Economic, Social and Environmental and the supporting principles.

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Dairy Roadmap 2013

on Monday, 02 December 2013. Posted in Reports & Publications

 cover roadmap13A unique approach to sustainability throughout the dairy supply chain.

Nowhere else in the world has the supply chain, from farmers right through to retailers, come together to agree such a
broad programme with hard, time-bound environmental sustainability targets.

The 2013 Report features a number of new targets and some targets that have been expanded since the first Milk Roadmap in 2008. This reflects that we are constantly developing
what we do on environmental responsibility.

With each report, the ambition and reach of the industry has grown and this is reflected in the way the Roadmap has developed.

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