Raising the bar for good practice on farm | Dairy UK has launched a package of new measures for the dairy industry as part as of its ongoing commitment to the prudent use of antibiotics and to delivering safe and wholesome dairy products to consumers across the UK.

| MilkSure |

logoDeveloped in conjunction with the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA), MilkSure is a comprehensive programme covering all technical and practical factors relevant to the use of antibiotics on dairy farms which aims to safeguard residue free milk. To ensure maximum impact, vets will take the lead in working through the training programme with farmers.

| Teat Sealant Training Programme |

Initially undertaken in 2012, the teat sealant training programme is getting a new look. Participating milk purchasers will invite their supplying farmers to receive refresher training from their vet on the correct infusion and removal of teat sealant. The programme will help to protect product quality and reinforce the industry's evolution towards selective dry cow therapy.

| Guidance on the Use of Test Kits on Farm |

Commercial kits for antibiotic residue detection have been available to test milk on farm for several years and are generally promoted by the industry. Although there has been support available to help farmers use the kits effectively and interpret the results correctly, this has not been co-ordinated across the sector to ensure consistent communication.

The purpose of this industry guidance is to advise on the benefits of the use of test kits, when they should be used, and how the results should be interpreted.

"The UK dairy industry has always operated to the highest standards of animal health and food safety, advocating a responsible and prudent use of antibiotics. We strongly believe that a more informed use of antibiotics will lead to a reduced use. These new measures are designed to get vets, farmers and milk purchasers working together for optimal results. Only by drawing upon all elements of the supply chain can we move forward."

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive, Dairy UK

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